Mission and Philosophy


            Saint John Grammar School aims to provide quality education within the context of a Catholic-Christian environment.


We believe…..


…. That each child is a unique creation of God,

that s/he has been given special talents and abilities,

that s/he is worthy of respect, love and care.


… That each child can learn and progress at his/her own rate in a disciplined, nurturing environment and be constructively evaluated based on his/her effort and performance.



We, at Saint John Grammar School, commit ourselves to the total development of the person through quality education and Catholic-Christian experience with the integration of culture and faith.



1.      To develop a strong religious core in each individual to meet the challenge of Christian Living.

a.      Through meaningful religious education in our classroom teaching.

b.      Through our liturgical and paraliturgical celebrations as a class and as a community.


2.      To make the individual aware of his/her responsibility to his/her family, friends, and community within our society.

a.      Through providing and sharing experiences that encourage family and community commitment.

b.      Through planned activities which develop a sense of awareness of others.

3.      To develop a sense of Catholic-Christian values.

a.      Through Christian principles which develop self-discipline, self-control, and self-respect.

b.      Through the understanding and need for observance of laws, rules and regulations.

c.       Through decision making in everyday life.

4.      To provide each child with the means of education according to the level of his/her ability.

a.      Through necessary adjustments in the curriculum so that each may develop skills, knowledge, and ideals commensurate with his/her abilities.

b.      Through independent and/or instructive experiences and programs in classroom, library, computer, laboratory and physical education.

5.      To encourage the individual to respect and appreciate our different cultural heritages.

a.      Through providing group and school activities that will foster an appreciation of the arts and social customs.

b.      Through the entire school curriculum

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